Uneasy Trump Card

Donald Trump: Uneasy task ahead.

Donald Trump wins the American Presidential election, but is haunted by election promises and disaffected Americans

By Uche Mbah

Fallout of Donald Trump election: California wants to opt out of the United States of America. And this is official. A”Yes California” campaign is currently gaining momentum backing an independence referendum supporting a constitutional exit of the state from the US. 60% of the state’s voters supported the presidential loser, Hillary Clinton. “As the sixth largest economy in the world, California is more economically powerful than France and has a population larger than Poland. Point-by-point, California compares and competes with countries, not just the 49 other states,” the campaign’s website said. The #calexit name is a clone of the successful “brexit” campaign in Britain to leave the European Union. The Yes Campaign, of less significance in the past, began trending on social media after Trump won, attracting more mainstream notice. Supporters are proposing a referendum on the issue in 2019.

Obama: Will hand power to Trump in January.

It is befuddling how a man who won a clear election generated so much negative demonstrations by the same Americans who majorely voted for him. The protests, which are taking place in cities including New York City, Chicago, San Francisco, Oakland, Philadelphia and Seattle started after the Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton, lost the electoral college and presidential race on Tuesday night despite apparently winning the popular vote, a loss that certain quarters blamed on Obama and the CIA boss in the handling of the email saga. And the demonstration is actually spreading, Unfortunately, the president elect has not as at press time deemed it fit to address the nation on the thorny issue of his election campaign promises that has so much polarized the nation and put fears into the hearts of coloured people-the African Americans, Latinos and the Asians. It is true that most of the demonstrations are at the Clinton turf, where she garnered an overwhelming majority. Where there are protests in places Trump won, it was clear that the majority of the protesters stayed home on election day, and now regretting  their action and wishing to turn back the hands of the clock. At Union Square, hundreds chanted “He’s Not My President” and carried signs that read “Defeat Fascism.” Another group of protesters gathered at Columbus Circle near Trump International Hotel & Tower. Some even carried a Mexican flag in front of the tower. Police arrested some demonstrators in front of the Trump Tower where police took down those who climbed polls. Police closed 5th Avenue at 57th Street due to the unrest and did not allow demonstrators to march to Trump Tower.

Hilary Clinton: Lost her first female presidential bid.

Trump’s threat to deport foreigners, particularly Nigerians, and his promise to build what has been described as the big Mexico wall, to shut out Mexicans was the cause of the palpable fear that has resulted in the demonstrations. Besides, the major differences between the policy thrust of a future Trump government ruffled liberal feathers, as the conservatism of Trump is taken to the extreme. Check out the list: he will stop abortion on demand (he will stop funding the Planned Parenthood group); repeal Obamacare; stop Federal Tax Increase; revisit the gay marriage issue with a view to overturning the law; Stop Amnesty for Illegal Aliens, cancel the Iran Nuclear deal; and support the first amendment defense act. The list can go on and on. And these are the core Obama program that Hilary was meant to continue. It is clear he intends to put the Obama policies in reverse gear.
Though it is difficult to see what the demonstrations will achieve, it is obvious that the various aggrieved groups are trying to forge a common front to create awareness. But the major challenge Trump is going to face is the case of international diplomacy. If the campaign slogans are to be taken into considerations, Trump may get into altercations, for example with the Mexican government if he finally decides to carry out the threat of building the famed wall.
But Nigerian-Americans have more reason to be apprehensive. A Nigerian lady with a permanent residence in

Muhammadu Buhari10
Muhammadu Buhari: Congratulated Trump but not much is expected.

America explains the cat and mouse game between the president elect and Nigerians who he described as “very smart” since they matched his racism in his business dealings with them. Trump has singled out Nigerians as one of the group who are “taking our jobs”. Besides that, Visa lottery may be a thing of the past and the aids expected from America for the reconstruction of North East may just go with the wind. More stringent visa restrictions may apply, and , even for those who are citizens, violence against blacks may increase. The romance between the Northern Governors and the Obama administration becomes a futile endeavor. But of far more deeper significance is Obama predisposition towards Islamic antagonism.
It will be a shocker for Donald Trump to realize that the world and international diplomacy is not as easy as it seems. The intricacies of overt and covert operations will be new to him. For example, he may realize that the emails of

Americans on polling day.

Clinton is for National interest after all. U.S. may have created ISIS with Turkey, Saudi Arabia to satisfy the natural gas lobbyists. They may be funding Pakistan to keep India at arms length in Kashmir. And the oil rush has its own intricacies. Perhaps, he will be forced to realise that campaign is different from governance.

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