Breaking: U.S apologizes to Britain over wiretap accusation

The allegation that former president Obama of the United States used the GCHQ-the initial for the British Intelligence finding Agency-to spy on trump Towers before the elections just hit an embarrassing low as the Trump presidency may have apologized to Britain for the goof.
the controversy started when a Media commentator judge on Fox news, a pro Republican television station with substantial influence from the Bush Dynasty, alleged that Obama used the GCHQ to wire tap Trump Towers, an allegation that Sean Spicer, Trump’s Press Secretary.and denied by GCHQ, who described the allegation as “Nonsense”.
But in a British Telegraph report monitored in Lagos, the National security Adviser may have apologized to Britain for the claim.
“General McMaster contacted Sir Mark Lyall Grant, the Prime Minister’s National Security adviser, to apologize for the comments. Mr Spicer conveyed his apology through Sir Kim Darroch, Britain’s US ambassador”, the Telegraph wrote.
According to the Paper, Mrs May’s official spokesman said the White House has assured the Government that allegations that British intelligence services spied on Donald Trump will not be repeated.
The allegation has been trending on Social media ever since. Susan Rice, former National Security Adviser to former President Obama tweeted that the cost of such monumental slip is going to be disasterous.In her Twitter handle @AmbassadorRice, she said:”The cost of falsely blaming our closest ally for something this consequential cannot be overstated. And from the PODIUM.”
Rice had said she currently Tweets in her personal capacity, not as former National Security Adviser. It will be recalled that Rice was one of the last people to see the acclaimed winner of June 12 presidential election, MKO Abiola alive. Some commentators had linked her and Ambassador Thomas Pickering with his death, though this has not been independently confirmed.
Since the case broke, President Trump has been doing a lot in damage control of a situation that threaten the credibility of his presidency.

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