Memo: El Rufai fires first Salvo towards 2019

The current trending memo by the diminutive Kaduna state governor,Ahmad Nasiru el-Rufai, appear to have exposed the underbelly of the ruling elite group, generally regarded as the hawks around President Buhari, generally referred to as The Cabal.
El Rufai has last week written a memo to president Buhari, which was conveniently leaked online and immediately topped the trending items online.In the memo he complained of those who have taken over the running of the government, indicating that the presidency is not in charge.He questioned, for example, why ministers hardly see the president but are made to discuss with the secretary to the government, Babachir Lawal.
But watchers are cautious not to accept the outburst as sign of a born again El Rufai, as precedents are cited of his duplicity when it comes to the issue of personal ambition. it is no secret that he has an eye for the presidency come 2019, in the event President Buhari is too incapacitated to run.Analysts point out that he is only going back to the trenches and taking the same position he took previously during the build up to the 2011 presidential elections when he declared that President Buhari remains unelectable. In fact , Segun Adeniyi, who walked closely with late President YarAdua, noted that he was asked by someone whether he was one of the cabal, but El Rufai cut in and said that there was no cabal, that they created the myth in the press to checkmate Turai. Turai was the ambitious wife of the late president.
Unconfirmed reports indicate that El Rufai, miffed by his gradual but firm loss of influence in Aso villa due to the activities of the powers behind the throne, the President’s relatives from Katsina, is seeing his endorsement as the rightful successor to “Baba Go Slow”, played the Aisha script: warm yourself back into public sympathy, by swinging back to popular public opinion. ” You have to become a wailer these days to garner public sympathy,and El Rufai is reading the hand writing on the wall”, a popular blogger said over the weekend. “Wailers” is the name given to those who constantly complain about the policies of the current APC led Federal government. created by Femi Adesina,Media Aide to the President, who described critical of the government as Wailing Wailers-a reference to the early days of the Jamaican Musical Legend, Bob Marley. His musical band was called The Wailing Wailers, before they become simply the wailers.
The ambition of el Rufai, which was so glaring at the inception of the Buhari government, may well ignite more tension within the party, as Atiku Abubakar is waiting in the wings, and the discontent in the south west may result in the disintegration of the APC into their primordial parts.

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