Protesters Storm Amnesty International Office, Says it Should vacate Nigeria

Amnesty International asked to leave Nigeria

By Akinwale Kasali

Few weeks after the Nigeria Army call on Amnesty International, an international non governmental organisation to stop dabbling into Nigeria security, a group under the aegis of  Global Peace and Rescue Initiative, GOPRI, in their thousands stormed the office of the organisation calling for it to vacate Nigeria within 24 hours.

The Executive Director of the group, Melvin Ejeh, said that the group is demanding that AI leaves the shores of nigeria within 24 hours. And if it failed to comply, the group will begin a Five-Day-Occupy Amnesty International till it leaves.

Ejeh stressed that if it failed to comply, a profound options to make the organisation leave will be used.

The call for the exit of AI came as a result of its recent report on the abuse of human rights by security agencies on Boko Haram suspects. The report which has been criticised and debunked by the National Human Rights Comminsion and Global Amnesty Watch.

Ejeh added that this was a deliberate plot by AI to indict the Security Agencies who have been working day and night and tirelessly to make the nation safe and free from terrorists.

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