Two years after Ebola, Nigeria allows Meningitis to become pandemic

The regular annual visitor to the nineteen Northern states, Cerebrospinal Meningitis, has so far taken the life of nearly five hundred Nigerians within the past few months, with the authorities bickering and indulging in the blame game over the availability of the vaccines. The government had insisted that the outbreak, which started about September last year, and which the Zamfara state government was accuses of doing nothing since the current outbreak, took them by surprise. In fact, the Zamfara governor, Abdulazeez Yari, blamed the outbreak of the disease on the sins of the Talakawas-a name given to the common people who are at the receiving end of the epidemic-, which he said is being visited by the plague. But, according to him, the elite class are no sinners and advises the poor, who refuses to heed their plea. The center for disease control said in a statement that the death toll is 11 percent of all cases so far reported across 19 of Nigeria’s 36 states and the capital Abuja.“As on April 5, 2016, 3,959 suspected cases have been reported as part of the current outbreak, of which 181 cases have been laboratory-confirmed,” the center said in a statement signed by the incident director,John Oladejo .“A total of 438 deaths (11 percent of all cases) have been reported from 106 LGAs (local government areas) in 19 states in the country, and outbreak response and control activities are ongoing in the states to curtail the outbreak,” he added.33 deaths were reported when the disease broke in 2016, while 131 died of it in 2015 across 28 states and Abuja, making analysts wonder what could have been the case if Ebola had happened in the life of this regime.Ebola broke out in 2014 in Lagos, and it took the Jonathan government 93 days to bring it completely under control through proactive means.
“The problem with the country is the ruling class”, a senior consultant told this magazine over the weekend on condition of anonymity.”Right from our medical school,days, we were thought that Nigeria belongs to the Meningitis belt of West Africa. And the states involved, and the time of the year. But the problem is that the vacines are usually estimated , and the quantity provided for. But some one up there prefers to misappropriate the fund for the vaccine, probably to marry a third wife. When the disease comes, no body cares as long as it is killing the talakawas. It is only when it kills a relation of a big man that he starts breathing down the neck of those in charge”, he said.
Two suspected cases were reported in Lagos, which has not been confirmed, but the center for disease control insisted that the two died of meningitis. The Lagos state government has since denied it. one living case is still under observation in Lagos, where there are unconfirmed reports of the outbreak in Cross river state. ALmost three thousand cases recorded so far around the country.

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