Stakeholders kick as as Saudi takes over Hajj Airlift

Saudi Airlines, Flynas

The inability of Nigerian local Airlines to fill their quota in the Bilateral Air service agreement with other countries has resulted in foreign airlines fleecing Nigeria through multiple entries into the countries. The latest of this ripoff appear to be the Saudi Airline, Flynas, which the ministry of Aviation has allocated 45% of the Haj airlift of passengers, claiming that the Saudis insists on 50% of the passenger airlift from over a hundred countries.
Already most European Airlines have multiple entry points to the country, and sadly is the preferred travel airlines by Nigerians, while the local airlines are tottering to cover the local route.
Adamu Hassan of National Haj Commission, NAHCOM, has confirmed the allocation of 45% to the Saudi Airline.But stakeholders are livid that there appears to be no healthy Aviation policy, seeing the current situation as a means through which officials collude with foreign airlines to fleece Nigerians.All flights from Nigeria to outside the country usually costs about three times more than the same distance within Europe and America.“We have no known policy for the growth of Nigerian airlines. How can our airlines develop capacity when we allow any foreign airline to fly to all four or five of our international airports? How can our airlines develop capacity when the exclusive market on our domestic and regional routes are opened to foreign airlines? Ojikutu questioned.Captain Ojikutu was particularly piqued.“Would the British allow Arik or Medview to fly to Gatwick and Heathrow the way British Airways flies to Lagos and Abuja? Or would the United States allow Nigerian airlines to have multiple designation in the US the way Delta flies to Abuja (before the stopped for economic reasons) and Lagos?” Worse still which African country will allow a Nigerian airline gallivant her country the way Ethiopian Airline is gallivanting in Nigeria to all five international airports? We need to call government’s attention to the lopsidedness or else there will be no capacity for development for domestic airlines,” he said.

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