Sallah Message:Buhari’s Cabal Goes Back to the Drawing Board…Locks Horns With Osinbajo

Buhari: Controversial Sallah Message

By Chidiebere Onyemaizu


With no concrete word on President Muhammadu Buhari’s actual state of health and date of his return to Nigeria, the cabal around him is having a free reign.

Highly placed presidency sources have told this Magazine that the cabal was behind the recorded monologue in Hausa language which they dubbed Buhari’s Sallah message to Nigerians, and cleverly passed as an interview the ailing President granted British Broadcasting Corporation, BBC (Hausa Service).

However, backlash of the poor packaging of the supposed Buhari Sallah felicitations has further heightened anxiety about the Nigerian leader’s health condition. Ekiti state governor, Ayo Fayose’s claims the President has been on Life Support Machine since June 20.The import of Fayose’s allegation is that one who has been on Life Support would not have suddenly sprang to life on Monday, June 26 to grant interview to BBC.

The Source has been told that the largely negative reactions trailing the Sallah message have forced the cabal to go back to the drawing board. There are strong indications that in the coming days the cabal would spin several statements and weighty policy declarations purportedly emanating from Buhari with official presidential seal, even when the Acting President, Yemi Osibanjo excises all presidential powers in accordance with the provisions of the constitution.

Multiple presidential sources were emphatic that battle royale is looming between interests sympathetic to the Acting President and the cabal irrevocably primed at running Nigeria via proxy, bandying Buhari’s name. Osibanjo’s camp are reportedly impressing it on the Acting President, the need for him to assert himself forcefully by standing up to the cabal. They want the Professor of Law to wield the big stick by reshuffling the cabinet and weeding out Ministers and Presidential Aides openly and secretly undermining him.

The Acting President was reminded that even as an Acting President, former President Goodluck Jonathan carried out a cabinet shake-up and sacked Ministers and Presidential Aides who were undermining him while his late principle, President Musa Yar’Adua was sick in far away Saudi Arabia.


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