Panic In Aso Rock….Osinbajo Goes for Hyenas and Jackals’ Jugular

Osinbajo: Aso Rock Hyenas and Jackals are in trouble

By Chidiebere Onyemaizu


Following Acting President Yemi Osinbajo’s meeting with ailing President Muhammadu Buhari in London, certain elements in the administration are now apprehensive as they are no longer sure of their continued stay in office.

Osinbajo has refused to disclose to Nigerians the kernel of his meeting with Buhari but multiple sources in the presidency have told this Magazine that Buhari may have given him the green light to carry out far reaching restructuring of the administration.

The main target of the impending restructuring, according to one of the sources, are elements Aisha Buhari, wife of the President, have  described as “Hyenas” and “Jackals” who have been prowling Aso Rock seat of power unstrained because the king of the Kingdom (Lion) has not been around. Mrs  Buhari had hinted the possibility of mass sack in Aso Rock when she said that the ‘‘Hyenas’’ and “Jackals” would be sent out of the Kingdom when the Lion (her husband)returns’.

While Aisha terms them ‘Hyenas’ and ‘Jackals’, such elements have also been described as ‘cabals’. No longer ready to stomach the antics of the cabals who have at every juncture undermined or tried to undermine him as Acting President, Osinbajo, this Magazine has been informed, itemized their ‘sins’ against him asked for the president permission to go for their jugular.

Though the “Lion” is yet to return, indications are, going by information at The source’s disposal, that the  ejection of Aso Rock’s Hyenas and Jackals will happen before the Lion’s arrival as Osinbajo is set to wield the big stick on behalf of the ailing President whom he said will return soon.



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