North Korea: Fear Grips Americans

Kim Jong-Un.... i will not negotiate with Trump

By Bayo Bernard

In the event of any preemptive nuclear strike against the United States of America by the North Korea regime what will the President Donald Trump administration do? This is the question now agitating the minds of many Americans as the tension between the two countries escalates. The regime leader Kim Jong-Un has lately threatened to attack Guam, a United States territory in the Pacific.

Senior military officials in PENTAGON, United States military arm have been meeting to respond to any threat from the North, sources say. North Korea is believed to have moved weapons near Japanese waters in preparation to strike Guam which houses over 160,000 United States citizens.

The territory also play hosts to some US pacific forces, including 6000 thousand troops and other nationals. Analysts say over one million tourists also visit the island yearly, thus raising economic risk for the United States which pumps over $600 million to Guam annually.

North Korea made the threat after President Trump disclosed that it will descend heavily on the small nation in case of any attack. Any attack on my country, President Trump warned” will be met with fire and fury like never seen before” Trump said at his private golf course in New Jersey where he’s currently on vacation.

The verbal exchanges by the two countries have the potential to plunge the world into a nuclear war, analysts warn. Tension is rising in the Peninsula as United States allies, Japan and South Korea panic over further escalation of the crisis. South Korea has called on its neighbor to return to the negotiating table and stop further provocation.

The United States has also called on China to leverage on her relation with Pyongyang to call the regime in the North to check, as the rogue nation insist it’s preparing to launch missile strike against Guam in days. CNN Willy Ripley reported that Guam is calm in the face of the provocation. Residents believe the United States can protect them against any attack from North Korea, Ripley said.

Some Americans are now panicking over claim that North Korea has developed potentials to strike any part of their country. Stocks prices have dropped as war of words plunged between the two countries. Brian Battle, Director of Training, Performance Trust said the tension is bad news for investors, warning that investors have moved funds to safe haven asserts since the beginning of the crisis.

White House officials have tried to downplay the tension. Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson in his reaction to the issue said President Trump was speaking the language that North Korea youthful leader understood.

The foreign secretary had a brief landing at Guam on his way back from trip outside US as part of efforts to assure residents. He said Americans can go to sleep in spite of the North’s threats to strike.

But some Trump advisers insist that the ‘Fire and Fury’ statement was improvised.

Meanwhile former Supreme Commander of NATO, General Wesley Clark said it would be wrong to assume that the Pyongyang leadership will give up its nuclear program. The United States must initiate direct talks with the regime to deescalate the situation, the ex -NATO commander said. But the North Korean leader in a statement said his country was not prepared to negotiate with President Trump who’s” bereft of reason.”

In the last few years the Pyongyang regime has increase her potentials to strike some parts of the United States mainland with nuclear weapons. The current regime has test-fired missile more than his father and grandfather put together.  It has recently tested an inter-continental ballistic, ICB with potential to reach any part of United States, other analysts say.

But President Trump has warned that it will be catastrophic for North Korea to attack the US.  Defense analysts informed the magazine that the provocative regime will be careful not to attack America to avoid self-destruct.

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