Europe Palace Lounge Berths

Europe Palace Lounge

Lagos State, known as the Centre of Excellence, is undoubtedly the business and commercial hub of the nation. Apart from it been a land of opportunities where everyone aspires to carves a niche in life, is also a home for entertainment.

Every entertainment lovers sees the state as the home of fun fare, glitz, glamour and exposé of all kind. From the Island down to the Mainland, thousands of lounge and clubs floods the hooks and crannies of the state, in a bid to satisfy the entertainment urge of fun seekers within and outside the state.

In the light of this, Edo State born entertainer, based in Germany,Imonikhe Sylvester, popularly referred to as ‘J money’ by his teeming fans both in Nigeria and across Europe is presently berthing a club called, Europe Palace Lounge at Ikeja, the heartbeat of the state. J.Money said that having established two lounge in Germany where he resides, he felt it was essential for people back home to have a feel of his entertainment prowess in a foreign land. He stressed further that he decided to set the lounge in Ikeja, which is on the mainland because most people believe that if you want to have fun at clubs in Lagos state, you must go to the Island. So he felt it was necessary to change that dynamics.

“Am a regular caller to Nigeria, though my family reside in Europe. Any time I come down to Nigeria and I feel like having fun, I will be told to go the Island, and I felt like setting up something unique like that I own in Germany on the mainland. This gave birth to this idea of Europe Palace Lounge”.J. Money said that the concept of the lounge came from Europe, and he believes the area that suits his idea is the mainland. “I don’t believe in quantity but basically in quality, which is what the lounge stands for”.

He added that Europe Palace Lounge is not competing with any other lounge in Ikeja, but the uniqueness of the lounge speaks volume that will attract customers from every walk of life. He further said that Europe Palace Lounge is a big dream that in few years will be all over the 36 states of the federation and around the African continent.

The official opening of the lounge takes place on the 27th and 28th October, 2017. Although, business activities have commenced in the lounge since 1st October, 2017, during the 57th Independence Day Celebration.

Europe Palace Lounge is situated at 113, ObafemiAwolowo Road, Allen Avenue, Ikeja, with an ambience that is worthwhile. The lounge has two bars, one with the African flavor, which has local and continental drinks, while the other bar, which is mini, has varieties of European drinks for foreign customers who may want to feel their country’s flavor.


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