2O19: Aisha Splits Aso Rock Cabal

Mrs Buhari: Any political ambition?

By Chidiebere Onyemaizu


As uncertainty surrounds President Muhammadu Buhari’s political future, desirability or otherwise of his wife, Aisha Buhari replacing him in 2019 as President has split Aso Rock cabal. This magazine has exclusively gathered that some members of the cabal have come to the realization that the President’s health condition could be an albatross to his re-election for second term in 2019.

The Aisha option, according to them stems from the need to maintain the Buhari aura in the presidency even when the patriarch, the current President is not actually in the saddle.

Besides, proponents of Aisha for 2019 also argue that like her husband, the First Lady is a strong character and will continue with the anti-corruption fight of the President. Aisha’s populist stance on some critical national issues such as the state of Aso Rock clinic, her tirades against the APC for not fulfilling its campaign promises  and Aso Rock cabal she once alleged had hijacked her husband’s government among others, according to her supporters show the president she is no neophyte in politics.

However, cabal members opposing Aisha insist with her as APC’s presidential flag bearer in 2019, the party will suffer massive defeat as Nigeria is not yet ripe for a woman president. Aside that, they are of the view that Aisha’s chances are encumbered by the cultural and religious sensitivity of the Muslim North against women.Insiders claim that a prominent member of the Aso Rock cabal has vowed to undo the First Lady for her temerity to accuse them of hijacking her husband’s government

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