Stampede in South east over military vaccination

The army claim that they are on medical mission to effect vaccination in the South east has bred panic and controversies within the region culminating in panic withdrawal of children from school in the south east.
The army had besieged schools and demanded immediate vaccination of pupils and secondary students without consent from their parents and taking most school authorities by surprise.This was days after the army raided Nnamdi Kanu’s house claiming they are looking for weapons, an act that the banned Indigenous People of Biafra saw as an avenue for them to plant weapons at his house to justify the designation of IPOB as a terrorist organization.Kanu , the head of the separatist movement IPOB, has been missing in controversial circumstances after a widely condemned raid at his house in what the army termed operation python dance 11.It was also a day after Buhari met with security chiefs, mostly Fulanis, behind closed doors.South east commoners currently regard the Nigerian Army with suspicion, at best as an army of occupation.
It is under this condition that the the army decided on what they termed a medical mission at the South east with catastrophic consequences.within hours, many schools became ghost towns as parents withdraw their wards from schools due to rumors that the army was there to kill off the youths of south east with the Greek gift of vaccination, just days after the golden jubilee of the so called Asaba Massacre. In 1967, Murtal muhammed, a young Nigerian commander, went to Asaba and asked the villagers to come out and surrender to Nigeria. They trooped out en mass and Murtala Ordered all of them shot in cold blood. Nine years later he was killed in a bloody coup.Today, he is a Nigerian hero with his picture on the Twenty Naira Note.
The panic withdrawal of children forced the governor of Anambra state, Willie Obiano, to issue a press statement ordering the suspension of the program. Later, the commissioner of information in Anambra was on air to say that the Army came to Anambra and claims they are there to treat arthritis on old people without informing the state government, and that the state government has queried the Army motive.
Although the army has not gone to other states, the panic withdrawal spread to other states of the south east. Abia state issued a statement debunking rumors that the army is injecting people with monkey pox virus. The same happened in Imo state. The army itself went on the defensive to deny allegations that they are effecting children vaccination to indict monkey pox on Igbos.
The Nigerian Army has been very weak in the propaganda war, and IPOB is always a step ahead of them.For weeks, the IPOB propaganda machine has been rolled out in the social media indicating that the military will soon inject monkey pox virus into igbos, that the outbreak of same in Bayelsa state is as a result of military medical mission in that state. The Army kept mum, making the story more viral and more believable.

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