Muhammadu Buhari’s presidency, a disaster foretold

Muhammadu Buhari has his presidency moving from one scandal to another in quick succession in recent times. But the foundation was laid a long time ago.
The similarity between the current presidency and his first coming in mid 80s has been well documented. but his failing health and age crisis has rendered the country a banana republic where the country is run by proxy. It is believed that the main persons who run the country even hold him in contempt, and this has become so bad that the belief of his being shielded by his employees from vital information has been going round in Aso Rock circles. Sources have told this magazine that Northern elders are weary of the presidency being an embarrassment to the North, and will therefore accept any other candidate but Buhari. The disenchantment has not stopped the few who were benefiting from the inefficiency to start pushing for his second term, with hope of retaining their source of largess.

Besides his alleged penchant for vendetta and looking for scapegoat in the opposition in terms of anti corruption war, his surrounding himself with his Katsina kinsmen has become a source of worry to other Northern zones. And though he does not appear to have the mental capacity to govern, his trust on his kinsmen, allegedly because they can never betray hi appear to be backfiring. Recently, a Brigadier-General was arrested and under Court Marshal  for saying that Buhari is dead. But according to an online medium, the main reason borders on sharing of a United Nations Hospital fund. The Army officer, Brigadier Lym Hassan, was recorded on tape threatening to “eliminate Buhari” if he creates problems for them.

The story goes like this. hassan was the cordinator of peace keeping in the ministry of defense. He was arraigned before the military court end of October in a two count charge of spreading rumors about Buhari’s death and demanding for $600,000 bribe from a defense contractor. Rumors has been rife that Buhari was dead and that the person in Aso Rock was a double. This was the rumor he was allegedly fueling. But it goes beyond that. Reports indicate that Buhari approved about $1.5 million contract on september 26, 2016 for the relocation of a ministry hospital under UN mission in Mali following directives from the United Nations.Two months later, on November 9, the same contract was resubmited for aproval by Buhari, who did not remember signing the first contract. The current one was for $1million. Three months later it was awarded to Opems Intergrated concepts ltd for $1million, and they were asked for a kickback of $600,000. The job was not done and the deadline of August 2017 . “If the president querries us, we will eliminate him”, he was ecorded on tape as saying. As it is now, there is no charge of treason.

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