North Korea fires another missile

North Korea, after a period of quietus from throwing verbal missiles and game of harangue, claim to have tested another missile with the capacity to reach and cause havoc to the American mainland. This time, they claim that the new intercontinental ballistic missile is reputed to carry super large heavy warhead.  South Korean state news agency KCNA described the new missile as  “the most powerful ICBM” (that) “meets the goal of the completion of the rocket weaponry system development.” The missile reportedly reached the highest level that any North Korean missile has ever reached, fueling speculations that North Korea has broken the re entry jinx. Even the United states agree, with US Defense Secretary James Mattis saying the missile launched demonstrated North Korea’s ability to hit “everywhere in the world.”

“We will take care of it,” President Trump had said.

The situation have suddenly become more dicey for America-and by extension the rest of the world. Though Pyongyang is known for undue exaggeration in terms of Nuclear propaganda, the corroboration of the range and devastating ability of the missile has increased the nuisance value of Pyongyang’s defiance of pentagon and Trump. Trump had at best been inconsistent in his reaction to the Koran Nuclear threat. He had been threatening the “little rocket man” with fire and brimstone until he went on Asian tour. There he admitted he was open to dialogue-a position that was far from his utterances and twits. “This missile is far more technologically advanced than July’s Hwasong-14. This signifies that our rocket development process has been completed,” Pyongyang had said. And with more confidence than usual.

Besides calling the launch “a situation we can handle”, Kim Il Jong, the North Korean leader, may have targeted a difficult time in the United states when President Trump’s face off with Congress may result in US lock-down.


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